How to Request a Transcript from a Closed High School or College

Relevant to: Students, Faculty, Staff.




What to do when you need a high school/university transcript from a closed school.

1. High school transcript:

a. Either print and fill out the NYS Dept. of Education Student Records Request Form.

i. Student Records Request Form.

ii. More information here: Obtaining Closed School Student Records.

b. Or print and fill out the NYC Dept. of Education Student Records Request Form.

i. New York City Department of Education Student Records Request Form

(other languages are available.)

ii. More information here: Information on Requesting Student Records and Transcripts.

Note: Applicants with high school diploma/GED/equivalency in states other than New York should contact that state's Department of Education.

2. College Transcript.

a. Sometimes a quick google search of the closed university will yield search results of where that transcript is currently held

(e.g.: Dowling University closed in 2016; currently a google search shows student records are handled through Long Island University).

b. Or, consult the NYS DOE listing of closed universities and where their records are being held.


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