How to Satisfy Immunization and Meningitis Requirements

Relevant to: Students, Staff, Faculty.




The following will help you get your immunization paperwork to SUNY Empire State University.


1. Go to

2. Review NYS Public Heath Law 2165 & 2167 and information regarding Meningococcal Meningitis. Select the link Empire State University Immunization Requirements.

3. Download the Student Immunization Record Form (PDF) for your physician to complete and submit to the university at or FAX (518) 587-9759.

4. Download the Meningitis Response Form (PDF). SUNY Empire State University does not have dormitories. Therefore, the meningitis shot is not technically required, however, in compliance with NYS, signing the waiver form is. You can fill this out and submit to or FAX (518) 587-9759.

Note: Immunizations are required if you are at least a part-time student at 6 credits and are not exclusively enrolled online (courses with either a mode of study of Study Group or Independent Study will require immunizations records; this is because NYS recognizes these modes of study as having potential to meet in person). Additionally, Immunizations are NOT required for those born on or before January 1, 1957.

For additional information visit our immunization FAQ page.


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