Check Your Commencement Eligibility

Relevant to: Students, Staff.






How to check your eligibility for the Commencement Ceremony.



1. Go to


2. Go to Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions link


3. Scroll down and click the link.

Screen Shot of commencement eligibility inquiry with link indicated


4. Here, select the term that best applies to you. Under the term, expand the school of study that best applies to you. For example, if you are an undergraduate student, select School for Undergraduate Studies, etc.


Note: If you meet the eligibility requirements for summer commencement, or will meet them before deadlines specific to your school of study (i.e. degree plan concurrence, specific credits earned by a term’s end), invitations will be mailed to you an estimated 2 months prior to the event.

*If you meet the requirements but haven’t received an invitation, send an email to



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