Complete the Graduation Application

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The following steps will guide you through the student portal to complete your Graduation Application. Please keep in mind the graduation application is only a part of the graduation process. If you are unsure if you are ready to graduate, contact your mentor about any remaining degree requirements you may have.


Steps to Complete the Graduation Application


1. Sign into SUNYEmpire Student Portal and click on the Self Service Banner icon. Click the Student Tab, and then click on Graduation Application.

Student home page with the Self Service Bannner icon indicated

Self Service Banner with Student Tab indicated and Graduation applicaton box indicated


2. Select the Current Term (i.e., Spring 2019) and click Submit.

 Selecting the Current Term


3. Select Curriculum (See arrows below, choose the appropriate circle) and click Continue.

(Note – If you are pursuing several degrees at once you will be given the option to select which one you would like to use for this graduation application.)

 Curriculum Selection - Choose Primary Degree


4. Choose a Graduation Date and click Continue.

 Choosing Graduation Date


5. This screen will ask for the name to be printed on your diploma. You can select the name presented or change the name. Click Continue.

 Entering Name to be Printed on Diploma


6. Confirm name to be entered and click Continue.

 Confirming Name to Be Entered


7. Choose your diploma mailing address and click Continue.

 Entering Diploma Address


8. Review to confirm the summary information you have entered: If all of the information is correct, click Submit.

 Review Summary of Information


9. You will see a screen that confirms your request. Click Submit Request.

Final Information Review and Submission


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