Request an Enrollment Verification Letter

Relevant to: Students, Faculty, Staff





If you need to provide an official letter (to an employer, for instance) proving your enrollment or your pending graduation, this is the request form for that official document.

From MySUNYEmpire

From the Public Webpage


From MySUNYEmpire

On the Student home page, go to the menu bar indicated below (if you do not have access to your Student home page, see below):

Menu bar found on the Student Home Page


Select Forms and Publications

Select Forms and Publications


Under Student Quicklinks, select Registrar Forms and Services.

select Registrar Forms and Services


All documents here are listed alphabetically. Select Enrollment Verification from Empire State University.

Select Enrollment Verification from Empire State University.


Select the PDF link on the following page. Complete the form and submit to the Registrar’s Office (details provided in the form).

From the Public Webpage

You can also find the form from our public website,

Use the search bar in the upper right hand corner.


Type Enrollment Verification and hit Enter on your keyboard. Click the following link:


Click the PDF on this page to access the form.



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