How to View Final Grades in the Unofficial Academic Transcript

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The purpose of this article is to guide students through MySUNYEmpire and Self Service Banner in order to view their final grades for the term. Also, please review additional information about the Dean's List, Latin Honors, as well as the Grading and Evaluation Policy for Undergraduate Programs.


In MySUNYEmpire, select the Self Service Banner icon.

Student Portal with Self Service Banner icon indicated


Select the Student tab. Select the Student Profile tab.

Student tab with the Studetn Profile link indicated


Draw your attention to the bottom left of the Student Profile page:

Student Profile page with links in the bottom left screen indicated by a blue frame


Select the Student Academic Transcript (located beneath the empty picture frame). If on a mobile device, select Additional Links then the Student Academic Transcript link.

Screen Portion of the Student Profile with Student Academic Transcript Indicated


Under Transcript Level, select Undergraduate, Graduate, or All Levels. Under Transcript Type, select unofficial.

Choose the transcript level and type


Your transcript will display terms chronologically, the most recent being at the bottom of the page. If your grades have been posted, they will be next to the course name under the term you just completed.


When grades are not yet posted, your current term courses will continue to appear at the very bottom of the transcript under "Course(s) in Progress."

Courses not yet graded appear in Course(s) in Progress at the bottom of the transcript


Note: Instructors are given a deadline to submit grades after the final day of the term. Be sure to check the University Calendar for this deadline each term.

On MySUNYEmpire, use the Menu in the upper left and select Calendars.

Student Portal menu with Calendars indicated


Then select University Calendar.

University Calendar icon

Use the University Calendar to find important dates, including the grades due date.

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