How to Waitlist for a Course

Relevant to:  Students, Staff, and Faculty.






When classes are indicated as full during the registration period, students have the option to "Waitlist" for a course.


 How to Waitlist for a Course
  1. Go to MySUNYEmpire Student Portal.

  2. Select the Registration and Course Offerings icon.

  3. Select Begin or Modify Registration.

  4. Enter the Term and click Continue.

  5. Find the course for which you would like to be waitlisted. Click the Add button: 



  1. In the Summary, Under Action, if the course has the option of being on a waitlist, select Waitlisted from the drop-down and click Submit to save:


  1. If a seat opens in the section, the student next in line will be contacted automatically by the system, and will have 48 hours to register for the course. They need to go back into the registration page, update the “Waitlist” to “Web Registered” option on the drop-down menu, and click Submit to save. If they fail to do so within the 48 hours, the open seat will go to the next student in line.




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