View My Course Schedule

Relevant to: Students



  Students can view their course schedules through View My Schedule within the Registration and Course Offerings link.


View My Schedule with Registration and Course Offerings


Go to MySUNYEmpire

Select the Registration and Course Offerings icon.


Select the Begin or Modify Registration link.


Enter the Term and click Continue.

Two windows, Schedule and Summary, will open at the bottom of the screen.

Find Classes tab with Course Summary and and Schedule below.


Schedule provides the day and time for any synchronous course(s) that you have registered for. Synchronous courses require student participation on a scheduled day and time. Scroll down to view all.

Schedule for classes with the scroll bar indicated


If you do not see any scheduled courses, your courses are asynchronous, meaning you will learn independently under the guidance of an instructor and will not meet at a scheduled date and time.

For both Synchronous and Asynchronous courses, the mode of study or schedule type of each course is important to know so that you understand how to participate in your course(s).

Summary provides you with the schedule type, or mode of study, for your course(s).

Notice the mode of study listed under Schedule Type.


For example, an Independent Study is an instructor-led, one-to-one course (student and faculty member) with flexible contact/meetings arranged by the student and faculty member. 

Information about additional modes of study is available in our Ways to Study guide.


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