Changing Your Student Account Payment Method

Relevant to: Students, Faculty, Staff.




The following will guide students in how to change a payment method with their Student Account.



From MySUNYEmpire, click on Student Accounts.

 Student Accounts icon on the Student Home Page


Click on TouchNet Portal.

 TouchNet Portal icon on the Student Accounts Home Page


In TouchNet Portal, click on Payment Profile.

 TouchNet Home Page with Payment Profile highlighted


Select from the drop down in the Add New Payment Method and click Select. Note: if you try to delete your payment method first, you will receive the highlighted message. You cannot delete your current payment method before adding a new one. Once a new method is in place, you can safely delete the old one.

 Payment Profile indicating that payment methods cannot be deleted while in use


Provide your new payment information in the appropriate fields. Also, you can save your payment method under a name of your choosing where it says “Save payment method as.” When finished click Continue.

 Payment Profile screen with sample of adding new payment method information


Here you can see there are now two payment methods on file.

 Payment Profile screen with a newly added payment method


The new method has been added. To update the payment plan so that the NEW saved payment method is used for all and future installments, select Payment Plans from the top from the Main Home Page in TouchNet.

 TouchNet Home Page with Payment Plans indicated


Select Update All Methods.

 Payment Plans screen with Update All Methods button indicated


Click the dropdown box in Select Method. This will have all of your saved payment methods. You can then select which payment method you wish to use for the scheduled payments for your payment plan. Now that the new payment method is selected, click Save.

 Update Payment Method with Select Method highlighted


Once you select which Payment Method is to be used, you will receive a confirmation as seen below indicating that the scheduled payments have been updated (highlighted in yellow).

 Payment Plans screen with updated method highlighted


When you return to the TouchNet homepage, you can see in the highlighted fields the update has taken place.

 TouchNet Home Page with updated payment method highlighted


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