Complete the NonDegree Application for Admission

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This walk-through will guide applicants through the application for nondegree study.

Navigate to our application sign-in page ( Sign in or create your account to get started.

Sign in to the application portal


Once signed in, click Create New Application.
Create New Application indicated by blue arrow


Here’s where you select your application type. Please note: the Nondegree Requirements link in the Start a new Undergraduate/Graduate Nondegree Application section below.

Nondegree requirements link is inidcated by a blue arrow


Clicking this link opens a new tab and provides application requirements for the Undergraduate/Graduate Nondegree Application.

Nondegree requirements screen


If you are pursuing nursing nondegree studies, click to expand Nursing Nondegree Study section to view the admission requirements for a licensed registered nurse (RN).

Nursing nondegree study indicated by an orange arrow


Close that tab to return to the Application Listing. Select Start a new Undergraduate/Graduate Nondegree Application

Start new Undergraduate/Graduate Nondegree Application indicated with a blue arrow


In the drop-down field Entry Term, select the term you intend to register for courses and click submit.

Select the term of entry


Complete all required fields within each section of the application (Personal, Demographics, Academic Plans, Partnerships & Work Experience, Writing & Signature). These required fields are marked with a red asterisk.

Enter your information


Once you complete each section, click Save & Continue.

Click Save & Continue


If you do not respond to any required fields, an alert will appear at the top of your application. Click the field link within the error message to complete the requirement.

example of an error message in red font


Under Academic Plans select the appropriate nondegree academic program that you wish to apply to:

Select the appropriate academic plan


Complete the remaining required fields under Academic Plans. Click Save & Continue. Please Note: admit types other than undergraduate will require additional documentation; Graduate level nondegree applicants must provide proof of a BA/BS degree, while Nursing nondegree applicants must provide proof of an RN license.

Complete the fields


Complete the areas under Partnerships, Organizations, & Work Experience that pertain to you.

Partnerships and work experience


Writing & Signature is the last section of the Nondegree Application. It is important to note that answering “yes” to Disciplinary History means that you have been dismissed from a previous college or university due to actions or physical response to an incident and that is not the same as a dismissal due to academic performance.

Disciplinary History section


Read, review, and check affirmation of all Certifications and type your signature in the Signature block. You may preview your application before submission, or if you have completed all fields appropriately click Submit Application.

Provide your electronic signature


Once successfully submitted, your admission account home page will show the application listed under My Applications with a status of Submitted.

Submission status indicacted by a blue circle


Please allow 24 hours for your non-degree application to process. Once processed, we will send you email correspondence on how to set up your account (please also check your spam folder).


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