Enroll in the Time Payment Plan

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The following will guide students through their MySUNYEmpire to the TouchNet Portal for setting up a Time Payment Plan.




1) Log in to MySUNYEmpire and Go to the Student Accounts Home Page

MySUNYEmpire home page with Student Accounts icon indicated


2) Click on the TouchNet Portal

Student Accounts home page with TouchNet Portal icon indicated


3) Click on Enroll in Payment Plan

TouchNet Portal with Enroll in payment Plan link indicated


4) Select the current term and click Select

Payment Plan Enrollment with Select Term indicated


5) This shows the plan name (based on the term and session), our non-refundable setup fee, number of installments, and the late payment fee you can expect if any payments are late. Click Select to continue.

Choose Payment Plan with Select action indicated


6) Here, you can review the payment schedule’s dates and amounts owed.

Payment Schedule is displayed here


7) Below, you must choose either to setup Automatic Payments or to decline Automatic Payments. Click continue.

Set up or Decline automatic payments


8) You must first pay the Setup Fee.

Pay the set-up fee


9) Next, you must review the terms in the Payment Plan Agreement. Select I agree to the terms and conditions. Click Continue.

Payment Plan agreement


10) You are now enrolled in the time payment plan and will need to make payments as indicated in your payment plan agreement.  Your first payment must be made and posted to your student account by the final payment due date or you risk being cancelled from your course(s).  If you enroll in the time payment plan after the payment due date, you will need to make your first payment immediately to secure your registration.  You will be sent an email reminder for the subsequent installments as the due dates approach.


Note: it is the student’s responsibility to review their bank account and student account to ensure payments are posted correctly.

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