Email Response Template for Student Replies


Email Response Template for Student Replies


Relevant To:  SUNY Empire Faculty and Staff



Educational organizations are legally and ethically responsible for protecting the privacy and security of education data they collect, store, and utilize. To ensure that only appropriate individuals and entities have access to education records, organizations must implement various forms of authentication to establish the identity of the requester of the information with a level of certainty that is commensurate with the sensitivity of the data. This process involves identifying and validating the identity of the requesting entity with the required degree of confidence that he or she is who that person claims to be.​     ~US Dept Of Education, Privacy Technical Assistance Center​



Custom Response to Students

When a student receives a SUNY Empire email account, they are given specific login information in addition to setting up multi factor authentication. The university has done their due diligence ensuring that the student is the person receiving the information in email. ​

Below is a template response to send to students when you receive email communications from a personal email address. You will then need to send an email response to their SUNY Empire email address. ​By sending all emails to the SUNY Empire email address, there is assurance that your email will be received. 


Email Custom Response Template for Auto-reply

Thanks for reaching out and I am happy to help. Per university policy, and to best protect your privacy, I will be sending a response to your university email account ( If you need any assistance using that account, contact the SUNY Empire IT Service Desk.

Moving forward, please continue our conversations through your university email account ( I appreciate your cooperation and understanding regarding this policy.      


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