How to View and Accept Your Financial Aid Award

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Once your Financial Aid award has been packaged, you can view your award letter by completing the following steps.



1. Login to the MySUNYEmpire Student Portal

2. Click on the Icon for Self Service Banner:

student home page with self service banner icon indicated


3. Go to the Financial Aid tab.

4. Select the appropriate Award Year in the top right of the page.

Note: Review the Terms and Conditions of your awards on the Resources tab prior to accepting or declining your award offer.

Select the appropriate aid year and review terms and conditions


5. Click on the Award Offer tab to view your award:

Select Award Offer


6.  Scroll down to review any grants and scholarships under the Grants and Scholarships to Pay for College section, and also review any awarded student loans under the Options to Pay Net Cost section.

Important Note: The image below is not a bill. The federal gov't provides these numbers as an example of potential expenses a typical university student may have.


Non Billable Items do not represent actual charges from the university


7. To accept or decline a student loan, click on the Take Action box in the Options to Pay Net Cost section and select Accept, Decline, or Modify. Select Modify if you are accepting a partial amount, but please note: you cannot accept any amount offered under the unsubsidized loan until you have first accepted the full amount of the subsidized loan. Click Submit to finalize your decision.


Option to pay net cost

Accept, Decline, or Modify the amount of accepted Direct Loan award and click Submit

Note: Grants and scholarships are automatically accepted on the student's behalf. If you have accepted your Direct Federal Loans, you must complete Entrance Counseling and sign a Master Promissory Note. If registering for the summer term, please allow additional processing time for an adjustment to include summer aid once registration is verified in Banner.


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