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In this article, we will explore the information that you can find in the Student Profile.

How to find the Student Profile.

Log in to MySUNYEmpire. Click on Self-Service Banner.

Self Service Banner icon found on the Student hompage

Click on the Student Tab. Click on Student Profile.

Self Service Banner with Student Profile Indicated

What information can I find on the Student Profile?

The image below shows the Student Profile view. *Note that the term displayed in the upper left hand corner is reflective of the information shown on the profile page.

The Student Profile screen with 9 key areas indicated by number

1. Student's overall standing, total credit hours, and GPA.

2. Registration notices and holds on the student's account.

3. Biographical information: email, phone number, date of birth. (See link below for updating personal information.)

4. Curriculum information: degree, level, program, university, major, hours, GPA. (See link below for changing your degree or major.)

5. General information: level, current status, campus, last term of attendance.

6. Current registered courses (for the semester selected): title, number, registration status, instructor. (See links below for how to add/drop courses.)

7. Graduation information: graduation application link, awarded degree, term and date of award.

8. Mentor's name.

9. Curriculum and Courses (what the current Profile screen is displaying), Prior Education and Testing, Registration and Planning, and the Student Academic Transcript (final grades and earned credits).



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