How to View Holds

Relevant To: Students, Staff, Faculty





This article will provide the steps to view any academic or financial holds on your account.  Holds should be addressed with the appropriate office in order to complete your registration.



How to view holds

1) Start in MySUNYEmpire

2) Select the Self Service Banner icon.
MySUNYEmpire student homepage with Self Service Banner icon indicated

3) Select Student.  

4) Select the Student Profile.

Self Service Banner Student Tab with Student Profile link indicated

5) On the Student Profile page, there are two places to check. Please look at the upper right portion of the page.

      a. Under Registration Notices

       *Note* This is where you will see any registration issues.

Contact for any questions.

Registration Notices


       b. Under Holds:

*Note* This is where you will see any holds which can cause registration issues Students who have holds often need to complete a specific action to remove it (i.e., immunization hold requires immunization documents, balance due hold requires making payment, orientation hold requires you to complete orientation). If you need help understanding the nature of the hold(s) on your account, contact 1Stop: or call 1 (800) 847 3000 ext 2285.

       Holds preventing registration are shown here




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