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SUNY Empire uses Missouri Book Services (MBS), a subsidiary of Barnes and Noble College Booksellers for the university’s bookstore operations. This article provides assistance on how to navigate the bookstore effectively and answers questions in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. 



Before you Get Started

If you intend to use loans to purchase books, make sure you have credit available before logging into the bookstore. Check your billing statement in the TouchNet Portal to see that your loans have covered the cost of your tuition and provides a remaining credit. This credit, up to $1500.00, will be visible in your bookstore account after logging in through MySUNYEmpire.


Purchasing Books

Go to MySUNYEmpire and click on the Bookstore icon. You may also type in your browser’s address bar.

Bookstore icon on MySUNYEmpire


Each row will represent a course you are taking. Note: as indicated, if a course does not populate, you must contact the instructor for course materials.

Getting Started


Click the carrot next to the current term. Select the term.

Select the Term


After a few short moments, you’ll be able to search the course.

Course search drop down menu


The Course ID will pre-fill as you type, narrowing down your search. Here, we began typing the course’s subject, literature (LITR):

course search drop down menu


If you type only the course number, you may get an extensive list of each subject that holds a course by that number. So be sure you narrow the search with the course subject.

course search drop down menu


Like so:

course search drop down menu


If you have additional classes to search, click Add Another Course, or if you’re finished click View Your Materials.

Both Add Another Course and View Your Materials indicated


Each course in your search results will be separated by a light blue banner. Review the materials and then Click Add Selected to Cart to prepare for purchase.

Materials search result page with Add to Cart indicated


When you are ready to purchase, go to the bottom of the page and select Proceed to Checkout.

Proceed to Checkout icon


Review your cart. Click Checkout Now when you are ready to purchase.

Your Cart


Provide your shipping information.

Shipping information screen


Select your shipping method.

Shipping Method selection screen


Note: Free Shipping is the default selection and dates provided are an estimate of the expected arrival of course materials.  Students may choose to pay for a different method of shipping if desired.

close up of shipping method selection


Next, provide your payment method. If your purchase cost exceeds your voucher amount, or you elected not to use your financial aid voucher to purchase books, provide your payment method. Click Review Your Order.

payment method screen

Enter new credit card screen


From here, you will accept the Terms & Conditions statement, review and submit your order.

Review and Submit Your Order screen


Bookstore FAQ

Does MBS have my bookstore voucher funds yet?

It can take up to 1-2 business days (Monday-Friday, excluding major holidays) for the funds to become active in the MBS system once SUNY Empire submits the information to MBS. SUNY Empire submits this information to MBS daily (Monday-Friday).

MBS does not have access to your personal financial aid information, only the dollar amount of eligible funds. If you have questions about your voucher, eligible funds, allowances, exclusions, or expiration, please contact SUNY Empire 1Stop Student Services or visit for virtual support.

I'm not seeing my bookstore voucher fund balance when I log in.

Confirm that you have a financial aid credit in TouchNet first and ensure you signed into the bookstore website through MySUNYEmpire and used your single sign-on (SSO) credentials to log-in. If you have confirmed these two steps and the funds are still not visible contact 1Stop Student Services.


I see a voucher of $1500.00 in the bookstore.  Is this amount in addition to the account credit I see in TouchNet?

No. If you are entitled to a financial aid refund and authorized the use of financial aid to purchase books that credit amount up to $1500.00 will be available to purchase books in MBS and is part of your total financial aid refund amount.

What if I don’t use the entire $1500.00 to purchase my materials?

Any voucher amount not used to purchase books through MBS will be processed as a refund to you by SUNY Empire State University through your BankMobile refund preference.


Why aren't my purchases showing in my billing statement?

MBS currently bulk sends book purchase charges back to ESC on a daily basis, Monday – Friday.  Book purchase charges should be viewable in Self Service Banner by 12 PM (ET) the next business day after your purchase is made in the MBS site.

Why is my course not showing in the course list?

It’s possible that the course materials for your course have not been finalized yet. If your classes are less than 2 weeks away, please contact your instructor. MBS does not manage the course list - just course materials assigned to your classes by your instructor.

Why is the list of course materials on the bookstore different than what the instructor told us?

Double check your course number and section to be sure you are on the correct location.  If your course and section are correct, contact your instructor for clarification.

I have additional questions about my bookstore order or shipping.

Contact MBS Service Center Directly by clicking on the links below:



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